IfoL – Nord/Syd 09/2024


This is the signup form for the freeform and larp festival „It’s full of Larps“ from 12-15 September 2024 at Falsterhus (Falster/Denmark).

What is ifoL?

Get together and play short larps.

Every participant contributes to the event.

It does not matter if one brings cookies, a game, offers a massage, or cooks a meal.

We meet for 4 days and play larps, talk, enjoy great food and great company and then talk some more.

If you want, you can spend the whole weekend playing. Or not play at all.

Or whatever else you fancy.

This is the perfect opportunity to play-test new games with a lovely crowd.

ifoL is stress-free and nobody is forced to participate in anything – as long as you participate in something.




ifoL is an event, where people of all sexualities are present and welcome.

Please be mindful with each other and respect other people’s boundaries.

In public areas of the Ifol, no sexuality further then kissing is expected.

In case any participant wants to engage in any other kind of sexuality, only do that in your private room only after all roommates have consented to it.

Personal Data

This will NOT be published and is only for bookkeeping and organising.
This is the name we use for the participant list and flagging.

Rooms & Tickets

We have 30 participant spots in a total of 10 rooms. Most of these are for 2-4 people per room, but one is a dorm room with 8 beds and we will also be using this dorm for playing larps during the event. You will need a sleeping bag in the dorm room! For these reasons, we offer the spots in this room at a small discount.
We want to offer cheaper ticket options for those who cannot afford the standard ticket. If you can, please consider sponsoring. If you want a supported ticket, please choose so here at your own discretion.
Is there anyone you would like to share a room with? Put their name(s) here!
To minimise the carbon footprint of this event, our food is mainly based on a vegan diet. However, we may have the occasional add-on that’s animal based. This question is only to assess the interest in such add-ons.
If you have any food intolerance or are allergic to certain types of food, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to take care of every eventuality, but we’ll do our best! When in doubt, contact us and we’ll sort it out.

What would you like to offer?

IFOL is a place of participation.

We, as organisers, take care of organising the event until it starts only. From then on, everyone is welcome to participate, offer games and other contributions. We also need people who take responsibility for one of the (Thursday dinner, Friday and Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast) meals we will be eating. We will take care of the shopping, you take the lead and other participants are invited to join in and prepare the food. You can also take responsibility for cleaning (dining room after a meal, dishes, bathroom, et.al.) or offer something else.

You are totally welcome to select more than one option!